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 {{page>​dglux5_wiki:​widgets_and_property_inspector:​property_inspector:​iframe:​home&​firstseconly&​noreadmore}} {{page>​dglux5_wiki:​widgets_and_property_inspector:​property_inspector:​iframe:​home&​firstseconly&​noreadmore}}
 +===== Troubleshooting =====
 +If you try to load HTTP content using IFrame on HTTPS DGLux installation,​ browsers including Chrome do not allow such thing by default. It is not secure to load HTTP content via an HTTPS connection since that content might be compromised. So for the IFrame to work properly you need to load it from a server with HTTPS.
 +Another potential obstacle is **Origin Policy** which browser has to follow. Some domains (for example, google.com) send a header **X-Frame-Options** that disallow loading a page in an IFrame from the domain different from the origin. More on this topic [[https://​developer.mozilla.org/​en-US/​docs/​Web/​HTTP/​Headers/​X-Frame-Options|here]]. However, some of the web services are more “friendly",​ for example, Youtube. So basically you need to make sure that the web server of the page you’re trying to load doesn’t send such a header. Use Developer Tools in Chrome to see all the error messages related to that.
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