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 +====== Deploy a Project ======
 +You can follow the steps in [[https://​vimeo.com/​112311502 | this video]] to add your users to the project, and give them read-only or write access.
 +To share your project with anyone who has the link:
 +  - Select **Project** > **Project Properties**.
 +  - For **Who has access**, choose **Anyone who has the link can view**.
 +  - Make sure you have [[save_files|saved your changes]].
 +  - Open the ''​index.dg5''​ file for your project.
 +  - Right-click **Preview** and select **Copy Viewer Link**.
 +  - Share the URL of the deployed project with your users.
 +<WRAP left>​[[dglux5_wiki:​getting_started:​preview_project|Previous:​ Preview a Project]]</​WRAP>​
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